Meet the President

Leo Ekhaguere is President and Founder of the Canadian Centre for Raw Materials Display Inc. (CACERMDI) as well as Lions Security Incorporated. He holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Geology and another in Physics as well as a Master’s degree with distinction in Radiation Physics from overseas. Leo in Canada has obtained a Diploma in Business Administration and another Diploma in Network Administration (Both from the Canadian Institute of Management and Technology- CIMT). He also studied Cybersecurity at the University of Toronto obtaining an overall grade of A plus. He is CompTIA Security Plus Certified. He was a doctoral student in Physics before migrating to Canada and served as State Scientific Officer & Head of the Ogun State Raw Materials Display Centre in Abeokuta, Nigeria. This Centre was a unit under the department of Industrial Promotions of the then Ogun State Ministry of Commerce and Industry.In recognition and appreciation of his dedication and commitment, upwardly mobile and visionary approach to administrative matters, professionalism in service and public spiritedness, and distinguished professional contributions to public service administration in Nigeria, he was graciously awarded the highest service award of fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria. Leo observed that there is no Raw Materials Display Centre anywhere in Canada and he created one due to his love for raw materials continual availability and experience. He is renowned as one who used social media to showcase the raw materials strength of Ogun State, Nigeria to the world and significantly attracted lots of investors to the State. CACERMDI is a federal not-for-profit corporation based in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada established primarily to disseminate essential information to prospective investors on the availability of industrial raw materials in each province and territory across Canada and in other parts of the world. CACERMDI hopes to have portions of its physical Centre dedicated to a display of Industrial Raw Materials from other countries of the world. Thus, helping governments around the world from provincial governments to territorial governments across Canada as well as States across Nigeria and locations across the World, in general, showcasing the raw materials’ strength of these various places thereby increasing raw materials visibility and economic prosperity for all. Leo is happily married and strongly supported by his wife, Omotola and children: Ireoluwa; Oluwadunmininu and Oluwafikayomi. Leo is a proud member of the Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce in Saskatchewan, Canada and Nigerian Society for Radiation Protection.