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CaCeRMDI Remote Centre/Programme Officer Job Description

About CaCeRMDI

The Canadian Centre for Raw Materials Display Inc (CaCeRMDI) is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. CaCeRMDI engages in the display of raw materials, provision of logistics services for suppliers and end-users of raw materials. CaCeRMDI provides a broad range of activities for planning, controlling, and executing the flow of raw materials as well as products distribution to wholesalers, retailers, and other end-users.


One of the ways that CaCeRMDI achieves its mission is through dissemination of useful information to prospective investors on raw materials availability nearest to manufacturers to encourage local quality sourcing. Thus, at CaCeRMDI, end-users of raw material can request any raw material of choice and CaCeRMDI would use this request to provide supply.



Position: Remote Centre/Programme Officer

Job Description:  Remotely coordinate the activities under the supervision of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or his designate.

Requirements: Interested applicants should display sufficient capacity for undertaking some level of research for blog post writing, website maintenance and computer enthusiast, among others.

Desired Qualification

The requirements for consideration include:

  1. A minimum of a First Degree in relevant discipline (possession of higher degrees and certification would be an added advantage);
  2. A Maximum of five-page CV;

3. A cover letter (maximum two pages) clearly stating why he/she should be considered

4. Two Reference Letters (from persons who can attest to your character and suitability)

Please note: Background checks would be conducted on selected applicants. By applying, you consent that CaCeRMDI could carry out background checks as might be required.

Also, remuneration would be based on experience and negotiation.


The Application should be made online 

 Deadline is 4th January 2022. Only Shortlisted Candidates would be contacted.

Enquiries: [email protected]; [email protected] Tel: +1 (416) 881-6214

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