How to Register

  1. Name of Company
  2. Legal Status
  3. Location of Operation
  4. Registration Number
  5. Date of Registration
  6. Present Address

Please note, we would need your consent to do a background check on your company as we would be connecting honest suppliers to end-users and manufacturers.

Write using the six basic items listed above and add more to best describe your company and clearly indicate if you are a manufacturer or supplier. Please conclude your write up with “I want you to do a background check on my company”

Also, note that our platform is created for the purpose of ensuring continual supply of any raw material to all end-users

To all manufacturers who need any raw material, please be a registered manufacturer by introducing yourself far ahead and write to us of any raw material you may need and we guarantee you of the best quality at the a value that would make continue to engage us.

Please send all correspondence to both:
[email protected]
[email protected]